Margaret J. Percival

Mims-In loving memory

 A photo captures an image - a painting reveals the soul

Pet Portraits

Tips on photographing your pet

Take clear, close-up head and shoulder shots so that I can see eye detail and fur colour.

Take the photos at your pet's level. Don't have them looking up at you unless that is how you want your portrait to appear. Get someone to hold them or get down to their level.

Natural outdoor light is best - bright shade or hazy sunshine is ideal. No red-eye indoor flash please!

Black and white photos are not acceptable unless you require your picture in monochrome.

Email or post a good selection of photographs of your pet, preferably close-up head and shoulder studies. Please mark one photograph with your preferred pose. All photographs received by post will be returned on completion of my work.

Please be aware that if your photographs have been taken professionally I will require the written permission of the copyright holder (usually the photographer) before any work begins.

General terms and conditions

Each commission is priced separately. Email me for details.

Please note a non-refundable deposit of £250 is required at the time of confirming your order and before any work commences.

Full payment is required before the portrait is delivered.

PLEASE NOTE:  It is illegal to use, copy or print any of the text or images from this website without the artist's consent.